Answer the two questions below, add our contact details and you will participate in a raffle to win a new Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro phone.
Which vegetable is bad for dogs?
What's the best healthy drink choice for humans?
By submitting the competition I agree to the terms and conditions.
Terms & Conditions
Eat Good is offering this competition to Tasmanian residents from Glenorchy and area. The competition only runs to 24 May 2019.
If you answer the competition question correctly you will enter the raffle and will be contacted if you are the winner.
The price can be collected in Glenorchy. The address will be communicated to you if you are the winner. 
The entrance of the competition is free.
Your contact details will only be used to contact you if you are the winner of this competition. Your contact details won't be shared with a third party.
Eat Good is not taking any responsibilities for the warranty of the prize.
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